"Reverend Connie has the unusual gift of being both a visionary and one who can organize to accomplish practical goals. She demonstrated this giftedness as she served as the campaign strategist for my successful 2004 election to the bench of Bishops in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Reverend Connie always remained steadfast, focused and creative as she moved with her "can do" spirit.

She is the best impromptu speaker I've ever experienced. Reverend Connie always has meaningful and relevant messages for her audiences. Whether the topic is theology, politics, health care, housing, or education, this woman of God is able to inspire, motivate, energize and leave you wanting more."

The Right Reverend Sarah F. Davis,
126th Elected and Consecrated Bishop
African Methodist Episcopal Church
Southern Africa (2004-2008); Caribbean/Europe/South America (2008 to present).

"I truly believe that when you are ready, God sends the teacher you need. That is exactly what the Lord has done for me by placing Rev. Connie "CJ" Jackson in my life as my "spiritual life coach."

Her style of teaching has enabled me to study God's Word with clarity and confidence as I read the Word for myself and apply it every day living. Her approach is direct and interactive which makes you enter into dialogue with your issues and come to an understanding that God has an answer for everything, through his promises, his grace, and mercy.

God has given her this incredible ability to connect with people, especially women and their issues; helping them to identify and work through the source(s) of their pain, suffering and insecurities. Rev. CJ meets you where you are, but empowers you to dream of where you should be. She has the spiritual intuitiveness to see beyond the facades and connect to a person's soul."

Ms. Ginger Harper
On The Edge Bible Study Student

"She is funny, cool, hip and deep all at the same time. It doesn't matter what age, race or social class you're in, this woman can talk and teach on your level. She meets no strangers. It could be your first time coming to class and she makes you feel as if you have been a part of the fellowship for months. Her interactive style is different from most pastors I've encountered. She empowers participants to talk, question the biblical text, and even challenge her teaching. Rev. CJ always lovingly and patiently points us back to the Bible so we can see she is not giving us her opinion, but rather she can back up everything she's saying with scripture.

This is the first Bible Study where I have been asked my opinion, laughed, cried, shouted, and didn't want to leave when the class was over."

Ms. Tasha Willis, Attorney
On The Edge Bible Study Student

"The ministry of my dear friend, the Rev. Connie Jackson, is an amalgamation of compassion, illumination and empowerment through her unique blend of preaching and teaching biblical principles that feed both the mind and spirit. The truth of her compelling oratory transforms hearers into doers as we are constantly challenged to become more like Christ. Each time I hear her, an insatiable desire for God's Word is reinforced and I become re-energized.

Very few people have Rev. CJ's confidence in God's call as well as her command of politics, business savvy, communication skills and ministerial experience as a seminarian scholar. There is no wonder that she has been featured in Essence Magazine as a 'woman who is shaping the world,' for that is exactly what she is accomplishing; extraordinarily and unequivocally."

Pastor Natalie A. Francisco, Ed. D.
Co-Pastor & Minister of Music, Calvary Community Church
Founder/Executive Director, Women of Worth & Worship, LLC

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